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In Hull Transducer RL24
Hey, I was able to see this link already, http://www.rlyachts.net/tips-depthsounder.asp, but was wondering if anyone with an RL24 had mounted an In hull like this, or anyway really, and where they mounted it. My main concern is where to mount it at this point. Pics would be much appreciated if you have already done it. Thank you for any and all help.
Sterling 12-Apr-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: In Hull Transducer RL24
Pretty much any transducer can be glued to the inside of a fibreglass hull provided there is only one layer of glass. The cabin floor is usually double skin and the air layer between the skins upsets the sonar.
Places like under the cockpit or inside an under-bunk locker will do
Test the spot (on the water) by sitting the transducer on a plastic bag filled with water. If it works, then its just a matter of stick it down with some expoxy resin. Some people use silicone but if you get air bubbles in the silicone it upsets things. You can glue a short section of pvc pipe inside the hull and sit the transducer in it with oil but sticking it on directly is easier.
Mike 29-Apr-2015    Edit    Delete 

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