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Dagger Keel for RL 28
Can anyone help with info or practical advice on how to put a dagger keel and bulb on to my RL28. Im sick of being blown out of the water by Northwinds Noelexes and Timpenny's and the like with daggers. Mr.Legg (Dr, Sir Professor) is there a way with out totally rebuilding the inside of the boat?


Phil Macqueen

Phil Macqueen (Shalimar) Brisbane25-Mar-2003    Edit    Delete 
dagger boards
before going to the trouble of fitting a dagger board try fitting a masthead genoa with plenty of overlap it certainly works on our rl28. regards kingsley
kingsley white31-Mar-2003    Edit    Delete 
RL28 dagger
I have tried a masthead headsail off an Elliot 8 (their No 3 I think) The boat went well with it and weve got a huge 3/4 genoa with big overlap. But we found two problems. 1. The the forestay tension was very hard to maintain. How did you do it. Did you remove the 3/4 forestay? 2. The big genoa backwinds the main badly and makes main trimming very difficult

And out of curiosity where did you get it if second hand what was it off and lastly where do you sail?


Phil Mac (shalimar)

Phil Macqueen2-Apr-2003    Edit    Delete 

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