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keel issues what angel allows for self righting.
Just finished doing a complete redo of my keel. It was a real learning curve. The metal had rusted on the inside and swelled. After 3 months and lots of trail and error it's back in. Only thing is I noticed the bolt that locks it in place is on the top of the ke
el box. This means the keel only locks with it protruding about 40 cm out. Is this enough for it to self right. Does any one have a mk1 any information on locking the keel would help and how much needs to be locked for it to be self righting.

Quinton Smith 11-Feb-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: keel issues what angel allows for self righting.
Quinton, on a MKI or MKII your keel will need to be locked all the way down to give you the best chance of being self righting. I will attach a photo of my setup, but if you send me an email I will send some more.
Darryn 17-Feb-2015    Edit    Delete 

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