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butt plug issues
Assuming that a butt plug, because it has to be easily inserted and removed, can never be 100% watertight, does carrying around that extra water in the motor well make a difference? Would a venturi type boat bailer improve stern buoyancy by removing that water?
Mike6-Feb-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: butt plug issues
The short answer is NO. The amount of water that is in the well would normally be only around 4L (4Kg), and dont forget that amount is when you move aft to have a look, and that action has most likely doubled the amount that was originally there by moving your weight aft.

Creation of turbulence without the plug, or with the addition of a venturi bailer would far out weigh the negative effect of a few Kg of water.

Remember too that the boat should trim with the transom only just clipping the water. See the photos of the top boats in the last Nat championships.
Rob Legg7-Feb-2015    Edit    Delete 

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