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Does this keel weight seem accurate?
I have an RL24 sail no 303. I understand from this forum it was possibly the first RL24 to have a drop keel installed.
At present the keel is raised via an electric winch arrangement similar to the types used to pull boats back onto the boat trailer.
I decided to weigh the keel to get some idea of the weight I am dealing with so I adjusted the boat on the trailer until the keel could be lowered between two sets of rollers and lowered the keel onto a board across 2 sets of bathroom scales (one set borrowed from a reluctant daughter). I came up with a figure of 88kg. Could this be considered light? What are typical drop keel weights of other RL24s?
Peter Brigg18-Jan-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: Does this keel weight seem accurate?
Your boat sail No 303 was a Boat caled "Calabre" owned by Peter Yoemans and was the first boat fitted with a drop keel that was made by "Holmes brothers" Sydney, and as far as I know it weighed 100Kg as that was the required inimum weight under the RL24 rules and I doubt that they would have made a mistake.
If in fact your keel is only 88Kg then it is underweight by 12kg.
Rob Legg18-Jan-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: Does this keel weight seem accurate?
Hi Rob,

Thanks for posting here - great to get/see advice from the horses mouth.

Is there an easy way to add weight to a keel?
Andrew Plunkett1-Jul-2015    Edit    Delete 

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