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Raising an RL24 mast single-handed
Does anyone have a easy way to raise the mast single handed. As I sail single handed, mast raising in the wind is a bit trying.

Jeff Milligan4-Sep-2000    Edit    Delete 
Single Handed Mast Raising
Jeff, My RL24 is extremely easy to raise the mast single handed because of the type of mast foot. I guess if you have a rotating mast and want to keep it that way, then it would be difficult. My mast base has a fixed 'shoe' with provision for insertion of a pivot bolt. The mast is bolted in place while lying down over the pushpit, and then I connect the jib halyard to the forestay connection point. As I raise the mast, I am able to pull on the jib halyard to hold the mast upright. Once the mast is up, I cleat off the jib halyard, and then go forward to connect the forestay. Please let me know, and I can take a photo and e-mail it to you if that would help. Regards, Russell Girle.
Russell Girle30-Sep-2000    Edit    Delete 
Single Handed Mast Raising
Russell, thanks for the advice. I have a similar system to what you discribed but have some difficulties raising the mast in windy conditions, if there is a slight cross wind the mast tends to sway sideways. I was hoping someone had a system that had supports to stop the sideways swaying. I have seen a mast raising system at a boat show on the new Hunter trailer sailer. I was hoping that someone on the RL site had used it. Thanks again for your advice & time.

Cheers Jeff Milligan

Jeff Milligan2-Oct-2000    Edit    Delete 

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