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Replying to:RL24 MK3 Questions
Me and my dad recently bought an RL24 and are still fairly new to it as we have only been able to take it out once. I have a few questions on it. We were looking to setup an In Hull transducer but I cannot find if or where the fiberglass is cored. Since the transducer cannot go through coring. Is there a diagram of where it is cored or is there any? Secondly, under the front cushion there is a lid and compartment, I assume this is for the water ballast? Is this true? If so does it automatically fill when you are going and then just shut the lid when it is full? Or is there a filing/draining valve? Lastly, for the self righting. I read that for swing keels they need to be locked in place otherwise the keel can go back up into the boat and therefore negate the self righting. Is there a locking mechanism or does it not matter? Thank you for any and all help. I have read over the manual and it was help for a lot of my questions, however it seems some was left out, I assume because it is usually basic knowledge to most.