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RL28 Swing Keel Removal
We have just purchased an RL28 that has sat idle for the last two years and the swing keel has rusted and is stuck in housing and will not go down. The pin is seized at bottom of ram rod at keel under waterline.

Any suggestions on freeing or removing keel would be a great help.

Thanks, Rick & Jan

Rick Higley16-Mar-2003    Edit    Delete 
RL 28 keel stuck
Hi Rick you are lucky! Where are you? Suggest getting the boat out of the water for a start. Find another RL 28 owner nearby and get a trailer (if you dont have one) Put the boat up on blocks by (TYING IT UP SECURELY)to poles immovable or star pickets and jack it up and gradually pull the trailer from under the boat. OR get a travel lift if near a marina and slip it safely(Its probably worth it). Then have a look underneath and try to lever it with the hydraulic release lever off. Put some blocks under it so if it comes free it'll only fall 50 mm. If this doesnt work try removing the hydraulic ram at the top and somehow get a "portapower" mini hydraulic ram in at the top of where the normal ram is and PUSH it down. When the boat is out, check hull for OSMOSIS (ugh)

Also check the bilge pump works . Its in the locker next to the hydraulic pump in my boat. It should suck from a little hole in the floor of the cabin just behind the back of the keeel box slightly starboard of midlne. (mine had been glassed up in the cabin but with a small drill I found it) It can be quite useful. Cheers


Phil Macqueen (Shalimar)25-Mar-2003    Edit    Delete 
Stuck Keel
We had that problem when we purchased the boat. We took the top off the Keel Box. Then removed the bolt half way along. Put a block of wood, which would fit into the keel box and protrude above the top, on the stuck keel. Finally we got a big bloke (the previous owner) to sit on it. It went!
Kevin Russell (BACCHUS)30-Apr-2003    Edit    Delete 

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