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Recognizing and reparing my RL24
Hi All. I have purchased an RL 24 requiring lots of work. Mainly around dry rot under cockpit and a couple of spots in the deck. I have spent the last few weekends ripping out roten ply and fiting new fraimwork and ply. The boat is a little unusual as it has a larger than usual coaming behind the cabin with rope storage inside of them. Also the cabin only has one long window each side, not the conventional double each side. Finaly all deck amd cockpit are fibraglass over ply. Hull and bunk furniture is all molded fibraglass. Does anyone have any ideas where she came from or her name or age. The previous owners have no ideas. One final question is that the fibraglass on the sides of the cockpit [both inside and ouside boat] have delaminated from the ply. all fribraglass and ply apear in good nick but have delaminated. To look at all apears OK but if I gently push the fibraglass it moves a few mills untill it contacts the ply. I am wondering how to stick them back together. I would rather not rip out all the fibraglass. My thought is to drill holes in the the delaminated cavity and inject resin then aply pressure to fibraglass to hold delamination together until it all sticks together again. Any thoughts? Safe Sailing Greg Rusha
Greg Rusha15-Mar-2003    Edit    Delete 

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