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Year model of RL 28?????
Hello everyone, I have just purchased an RL 28 with the sail number 116. Could anyone please tell me how to go about finding out the year built for insurance purposes. I have to date removed 4 small ute loads of junk and she has risen up 4 inches. The 200 metres of chain didn't help. What an amazing design...the family loves it!!! Regards Dirk Hunter
Dirk Hunter6-Nov-2014  
Re: Year model of RL 28?????
Hello Dirk.
The build date lists of the RL28 were lost sometime ago, and this estimate is based on the few firm dates that I have available, and they would indicate that hull 116 would have been built some time during late 1984.
Rob Legg6-Nov-2014  
Re: Year model of RL 28?????
Thank you Robb...amazing design and a joy to sail!
Dirk Hunter9-Nov-2014  

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