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Volvo Penta 2001 will not start. HELP!!
Hi guys,

I am now at my wits end with this motor.

Since the rebuild, with a full head service including new valves and valve guides, the engine has run, and run well.
It did start to play up, losing revs and stalling, but we put that down to dirty filters.

These have been replaced. The system primed. A new injector, injector pump and starter motor have since been installed.

To the best of my knowledge, we have bleed the entire fuel system. I have checked the new injector with the new pump, and it is spraying a mist of diesel out when the engine is being cranked.
The engine cranks over but still will not start.
As it cranks a puff of greyish smoke comes out the exhaust with each stroke.
We disconnected the exhaust pipe and water inlet to ensure it wasn't back pressure.

We have checked the valves and they are opening and closing. (from the top of the head)

I did notice at one stage, some air bubbles coming out fron under the injector. I thought that perhaps the brass injector sleave was worn. But after a couple of attempts at reseating the injector into the sleave, this problem seems to have stopped.

Does anyone have any further suggestions? As I am at a loss to understand why this motor will not fire. We have even sprayed aero start (Ether) and oil into the air intake, and put oil directly into the injector tube (not into the injector itself), still with no result.

My next step will be to remove the head and have it checked to ensure the valves are seating ect. (unless anyone else has a better suggestion? )
Garry Beattie 2-Sep-2014    Edit    Delete 

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