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Towing vehicle for RL24
For towing an RL24 to various sailing locations and using public and club ramps - not driving on and launching off the sand - what do people find to be suitable vehicles given that one doesn't want to go all the way and purchase the landcruiser/patrol size 4WD. Maybe the question is what is the minimimum size vehicle that one can safely employ for this task? One can always move up!
Ian Cook2-Mar-2003    Edit    Delete 
My Ford Falcon has no probems. At ramps or on hills. The current car is an EF, the preveious XF used to tow it as well. Though it had less power than this car, we still travelled to Victoria and Back from the Central Coast of NSW without a hiccup.


dave3-Mar-2003    Edit    Delete 
g'day we are using a recent model Jackaroo with the V6 auto...not nearly as big as Patrols or L-cruiser but an effecient vehicle none the less ...we have a heavier tandem trailer and have no problems cruising round the speed limit. Previously used a V6 commodore wagon, the jackaroo seems better. shorter distance from tow bar to back axel maybe?
wayne hill8-Mar-2003    Edit    Delete 
we have no trouble towing RL24 "Chinook" with our 2 litre VW campervan.
Don Currie16-Mar-2003    Edit    Delete 
RL24 towing vehicle
I have an RL24 weighing in at 820 kg sitting on a bogie axle trailer weighing 520 kgs. Total package 1340 kgs.

Have been towing it very easily with a Ford EF2 Falcon Wagon with no dramas at all. On a good surface such as freeways can tow at 100 klm per hour without any swaying. Please note that the trailer is not a tilt trailer and I think this helps because it takes some twist out of the package.

The Falcon Wagon is one of the few passenger style vehicles around these days that still has the old leaf rear springs fitted and this is a much better package for towing. Some claim that Ford is not keeping up but it is the better package when towing.

Steven Lymbery24-Mar-2003    Edit    Delete 

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