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Replying to:RL28 Keel Worries
I dropped the keel out of my RL28 Equinox recently. It was sticking in the case and corrosive expansion around the hydraulic link seemed to be the culprit. The rest of the keel seemed to be suffering from very minor surface corrosion. That is until I took it to the sandblasters, there seemed to be a staggering amount of corrosion under the fairing. I'm keen to know if anyone else has stripped a keel before and how thick was the metal under it? Rob if you are out there i see from your notes that you faired the keels quite a bit, did they look anything like this when they came from the foundry? From what i can see I'm thinking a new keel could be in order. Any thought or experiences would be very much appreciated. I'll try and attach some nice before photos and somewhat confronting 'afters'