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How do I stop the keel slapping the case.
I need advice on how to stop the swing keel from slapping the keel case in choppy seas.

Jeff Milligan4-Sep-2000    Edit    Delete 
Centre board slapping the case sides
I solved this problem by inserting a piece of Perspex 4mm thick on one side. I cut a slot in the perpex to allow it to slip over the pivot bolt and drilled and tapped it in several places to attach it to the case side. Sealing the screw holes with Silicone. You have to be very careful to cut the screws just the right length to avoid scratching the centre board. Also test the clearance to ensure the centre board will not jam. I now have no slap at all from the board, but the board raises and lowers easily.
Lynton Bradford5-Oct-2000    Edit    Delete 

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