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Hull number and history
Been looking at buying a status 580 / 19 with a pink deck on white hull although may at some time been all pink?

Does anyone know the history and sail number for such a boat?
Been told it was recently owned by a lady sailing olympian in Redlands Bay Brisbane who returned the boat to great condition.

No sail number available interested to know if anyone can recognize it , and perhaps earlier name.
I am not familiar with the detail differences between the 580 and 19 but this one has no venturi hull fitting at the stern, just flaps and oddly no lower mast stays. Was this normal on earlier versions?
Is the venturi a recommended safety modification? I would think the lowers advisable but any comments.

Pleased if you could give me some leads

john gray28-May-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hull number and history
John, can't help you with the history of the boat but I can tell you that both (#12 & #65) the Status 580s my school owns don't have lower mast stays. Both rigs are single spreader with shrouds approximately 500mm behind the mast and no back stay. #12 has the venturi hull fitting. #65 has approximately 100mm x 50mm holes in the stern above the waterline with plugs attached by an elasticised strap. Just releaase the strap to drain the cockpit (while moving forwards is always recommended). Hope this info helps. Are you chasing the boat that was/is on Macleay Island?
Geoff Watson31-May-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hull number and history
Thanks for response Geoff.
The competitive ones I have seen all have inner lowers but then I have only seen several. This boat has a backstay with a 250mm crane and chain plates are about 500mm behind mast and spreaders fixed and about 500mm long also. Do you fly a spinnaker racing your boats?
How about an asymmetric, the tornado one is about the right size. I have flown this on other 20 ft boats and considering here as well. But would be more comfortable with inners with the side loadings they and shy kites can develop. Any one with such experience care to comment on arguments for and against inners.

Yes Geoff it is that boat, My guess, it is a 19 as I beleive the 580's have box like seating along the sides of the cockpit below the bin entries. Any other way to easily distinguish? Trying to get an idea of sail number. Does anyone keep a listing of these boats where it could be checked?

Also can you tell me the correct diameter pin for the mast step this has approx, 8 mm holes at aft end of bracket but 6mm other holes and a 6 mm hole in mast plug and I think that is a bit too small!!

Just to clarify I am talking mast head kites. The one shown in the 580 picture gallery yellow hull says using Etchell kite and it has inners, other two green hull boats in pictue gallery have inners but no apparent backstays. Where as the yellow topsides boat on the 580 home page has backstay as the stern shows. So a bit of a mixed picture it seems? Any logic to the differences

john gray5-Jun-2014    Edit    Delete 

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