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Trailer wheels
The rims on the single axle trailer for my RL24 are about due for replacement,. They are 195R 14. I have a set of 185R 14 rims and tyres as well as a set of 265/70R 15 rime and tyres

Does anyone have any suggestions as to the suitability of the 265/70 as replacements for the 195Rs?
geoff Cartner5-May-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Trailer wheels
The 265's are considerably wider than the 195's and will make the trailer a bit more stable when towing, however, be very care full with clearance on the mud guards and also very importantly the chassis. Remember that when you turn a corner the tyre will deflect so that deflection must taken into account for clearance.
Your 185's will go on straight away with no noticeable difference in towing
Cheers Martyn
Martyn6-May-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Trailer wheels
Without a lot more information regarding the axle and spring specifications combined with the actual weights on the axle when on the road, its impossible to comment on what is suitable for your trailer.

Typically an RL24 and trailer weights about 1300kg to 1400kg on the single axle trailer.

To carry that sort of loads 185R14 Light truck tyres with a 850kg capacity are suitable at above 50 PSI air pressure. The use of car rims with that type of tyre is not safe, proper trailer rims rated to the higher loads and pressures are essential to avoid rim and wheel failures.

With those sorts of axle loads heavy duty 44mm square axles rated at 1400kg are also needed. If its an old trailer it might have a 1000 kg axle which is not safe with those loads.
Greg 6-May-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Trailer wheels
A couple of points for consideration. The wider tire or taller tire will need less air pressure to carry the load. This is both good and bad. While it will ride softer, you will not have as much side to side support. If the rim is the same width, a wider tire will have more side to side roll. If the rim is wider, then it will have less. I have trouble thinking in terms of metric, but boat and trailer together will only weight about 1.5 ton. Most car tires will carry half that weight. All of the tires you have listed will easily carry the weight. The 15 inch tire, while it will easily support the load, is a taller tire, which will have more side to side roll.
Daveinet18-May-2014    Edit    Delete 

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