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Anti spam code rejection
Is anyone else having a problem with the anti spam code? I tried to post a reply multiple times over 3 days and could not get it to post. It keeps saying the number code is incorrect. The number is very easy to see, but it keeps rejecting it. I've learned to copy the message, so I can just paste it in, so I don't have to retype. Not sure what the trick is to making it happy.
Re: Anti spam code rejection
There is a timeout on the anti-spam code so if you take a long time to add the message the code can be rejected. Try just adding the name etc. details and the start of the message. Then go in and edit the message - there is no timeout on edit, only on add.
Keith Merkley28-Apr-2014  
Re: Anti spam code rejection
There is more going on than that. Half the time, I get a message back that says database error, can not update. Then it rejects the spam code. I can re-enter the message and it rejects the spam code.
Re: Anti spam code rejection
Had a similar thing today, it was quite a long post so it wouldn't accept the code. I copied the text then opened another reply and pasted the txt, sorted
Hope that helps, I get the same sort of messages on longer posts
Cheers Martyn

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