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hydraulic fluid leak from keel pump
My RL28 leaks hydraulic fluid from around the boss that pumps the keel up (just above the on/off lever). The fluid leaks when the lever is switched to "off" and the keel is going down. I suspect the whole round plate should be removed to get access. Its a long drive from home to the boats mooring so any info on what bits to take with me and how to seal the leak/ refill the fluid would be appreciated. Regards Brian Cartwright
brian cartwright25-Feb-2003    Edit    Delete 
leaky valve
I had a similar problem on a south coast magnum.

It is a different pump but posibly similar valve.

Basically I had to change an O ring that seals the down valve. On the Magnum, the valve screwed out(after the keel was down) and the O ring was on the valve spindle. A new Oring is cheap at a bearing place.

Clean the area of dirt before you pull it apart.

greg18-Mar-2003    Edit    Delete 

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