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Having only taken the boat out a couple of times I was shocked the last time out when a mechanic friend and I were on Wivenhoe Dam in SE Qld. He had unsucessfully tried to start the outboard for around 10mins and being 35 degrees and no wind he launched himself over the side to cool off. All was fine until he tried to get back in. The boat has only a small transom step and being over 100kg he had no chance of getting his foot up to the step. After about 5mins of pulling his arm off I slung some rope across the transom and he used it as a step. If it had of been a man o/board situation in a blow we would have been up the creek. So, my question is, is the transom strong enough for a permanent ladder or is a foldaway hanging ladder best. Any suggestions much appreciated. Next time I will just tow the fat bugger :)

Alex23-Feb-2003    Edit    Delete 
Stern Ladder
If the transom will take an outboard it will take a ladder(it did not even damage the transom when i reversed the boat into my house on the trailer!)Both my RL24 Seabird & RL28 Sealeggs came with a permanant 2 piece hinged folding s/s ladder ; which folded down from the transom about 2-3 rungs which is only just long enough to get my 100 Kgs. up. Remember to lift it before sailing cause it does slow you down a little.
Neil Ensor24-Feb-2003    Edit    Delete 

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