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RL24 Outboard well through hull opening
I have an RL24 mk III and I am a big fan of the standard outboard well. However, I am contemplating adapting the hull opening to allow the outboard to tilt up clear of the hull. Why? I have a driveway that doesn't allow clearance for the outboard gearbox to be protruding below the hull and I like to anchor stern to the beach in shallow water so my family find it easy to hope on and off the boat. Does anybody have any suggestions, experiences or photos of modifications they have made to their RL24? I don't want to change a boat I am very happy with unless I am certain that the change is more functional, aesthetically pleasing and doesn't impede performance (she is used as a cruising boat).
Geoff Watson16-Feb-2014  
Re: RL24 Outboard well through hull opening
Hi Geoff,
Take a look at the Tips & Modifications on this website, Alan Dahl has submitted an outboard motor lifting system that might do the job for you.
Richard Barrow16-Feb-2014  
Re: RL24 Outboard well through hull opening
I have hull number 434.

I have an elongated opening that allows the 5hp Mariner to tilt inside the stern.

If you live in Melbourne you can inspect my engine installation.

There are short shaft outboards that are tight but fit in the well and tilt. Clearance under the tiller also needs to be considered.
Re: RL24 Outboard well through hull opening
Thanks Richard, I forgot about the Tips and Modifications link. Alan's has given my an idea I can explore further. Greg, I live on the Gold Coast. Would you happen to have a picture of your elongated cut out that you could post on the forum? I am 99% sure my 4hp short shaft will tilt easily inside the transom.
Geoff Watson17-Feb-2014  
Re: RL24 Outboard well through hull opening
Greg 17-Feb-2014  

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