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RL 24 rudder
I bought an RL 24 today. It should be an adventure! I need the plans for a rudder or to buy a used rudder. The previous owner misplaced the rudder. Can anyone help?
Beth Gloss21-Feb-2003    Edit    Delete 
Hope you bought it cheap!I was quoted abot $900 to make a new rudder after I snapped mine off in high seas returning from Rottnest Island WA. I eventually located a second hand laminated snapped off Eyvonne Catermaran Keel,in the back of a chandelry in Rockingham for a couple of hundred dollars,which then had to be reshaped on the top to take the lifting/lowering ropes(assuming yours is a swing not drop rudder)(make sure the groove is deep so the rope does not slip off and jamb down the side of the frame,keep tension on the rope with shot cord)The sides may have to be skimmed to allow free swinging,then a s/s pivot tube glassed in to accomadate the pivot bolt (approx 3/16") then sealed with fibre glass.About $300 all up!
Neil Ensor24-Feb-2003    Edit    Delete 

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