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towing a dinghy
Any suggestions on how far behind to a dinghy from an RL28?
I will eventually get davits, but not before Christmas. Gotta be able to take the poor dog to shore for a run around!!
Martyn 21-Nov-2013    Edit    Delete 
Re: towing a dinghy
It depends on the conditions etc. I was thinking about davits too but I have a 10ft tender that would be a bit too big for this. I am going to get a inflatable tender for longer trips and use the 10ft plastic locally. It tows really well though but in rough seas I would rather have nothing towing behind.

I usually have mine about 6-10 metres behind the boat. If I have a line out trolling then I bring the tender in closer. In rough following seas it can be a bit tricky with the tender wanting to try overtaking you, usually on one side or the other.

A discussion I started on the trailer sailer place website can be found here:

My tender towing behind can be seen in this video (starts at about 1:40) we were doing about 6 knots.

alister 21-Nov-2013    Edit    Delete 

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