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Replying to:Mainsail shape
For me, one of life's little mysteries is how to get the main working efficiently. Any clues on how to get the belly out of a fully-battened main on an RL24 Mk3? I have tried loosening the battens in their pockets, tightening them, letting off the leech cord and am now in the process of stiffening the battens with epoxy resin. The problem is that pulling the sail on tight enough to get the telltails streaming brings the leech to windward. The belly in the sail is right in the middle instead of in the first third of the sail where I think it should be. I can't get the leech flat enough to let the air exhaust and drive me forwards. Cunningham tension and outhaul adjustments help a little but not nearly enough. The short-term cure is to bring the traveller up to windward and ease the main sheet but that should only be a light weather cure. My thoughts are that either stiffer battens are required or that perhaps the sail needs re-cutting or replacing.

Has anyone else been through this scenario?