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Main sail advice
Our existing mainsails were measured in 1974... I think the second set of a North Main and Genoa would be perfect if a "RL Concourse" retro class if ever set up...they are nearly new and still crackly... However a impractical cut with a dropped foot and a 12.5/7.5 ratio main to jib. We modified a fully battened tri sail but its worn and oversize. Plan is to source a good secondhand main (and jib if available)-and to use it for racing while sorting out the rest of the boat and skipper skills... So a fully battened one, in reasonably good condition would be ideal...any advice on where to get one... (or a easier mod to carry out eg i've heard a 16ft skiff sail might be an option)would be appreciated... we have a good pelgrain skiff style mast set up..... and could swap as part of a deal for a main- a spare pelgraine mast we have or the original 70's back stayed mast with a taper, in excellent nick that we have also kept.
Wayne Hill26-Jan-2003    Edit    Delete 

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