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RL28: Convert space behind Icebox
has anyone converted the space behind the icebox into anything useful? I was thinking it might be prime for a bigger bed area. Obviously the icebox would need to move and a step installed somehow. Just curious if anyone has modified the space for other uses?

Re: RL28: Convert space behind Icebox
There is normally a water tank behind the ice box which doesn't leave all that much storage. I always wanted to build a deep cockpit locker that went to the hull but never got around to it. The ice box seems to be in an ideal place as is the water tank, so removing those for a bunk or storage seems counter-productive.
But there does seem some space that could be put to use behind those. Please keep us informed of your progress. Many RL28 owners will be interested.
Keith Merkley20-May-2013  
Re: RL28: Convert space behind Icebox
When I purchased my boat, there was a hatch cut into the cockpit floor just aft of the companion way, the cover looked like an engine hatch from a trawler or something! any way certainly an ankle breaker!
I lowered the frame work and made a new cover so that the whole thing only sits about 15 mm above the deck. Sealing was a bit of an issue but I've just about fixed that.
This area was originally intended as access to the wheel steering mechanism as I have a wheel on my boat, (its great!) now very use full for storing sails tool boxes, BBQs etc
Re: RL28: Convert space behind Icebox
Any Photos ??

Re: RL28: Convert space behind Icebox
not good at that tech stuff, will try and enlist some help! Stay tuned
Re: RL28: Convert space behind Icebox
I have removed the icebox. It was not very efficient anyway. I have a ladder down into the galley, and am currently creating a dual battery facility behind the ladder. The current battery location is difficult to access, and easy access in my view is very important.


Malcolm Moir22-May-2013  

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