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rob leggs congrats to bay to bay winners
Dad is unable to get on the net for a little while and he desperately wanted to find out results for bay to bay. He has asked me to say a big congratulations and job well done to the winners in the RL devisions. And to Paul Harris for winning the Rob Legg trophy. Hopefully he will be on tonight as I have set up a laptop for him.
Hope you all had a ball up there xx
Jenni Buckley (Jenni Legg)9-May-2013    Edit    Delete 
Re: rob leggs congrats to bay to bay winners
Thankyou. I was really proud (and surprised) to win the RL Challenge trophy in the Bay to Bay last weekend. A big thanks to my crew Stephen O'Brien and Dougal Henderson- both super sailors and good guys. It was a mission even getting to the race with a series of mishaps leaving us with no keel or windows 24 hours before leaving. It all came together (thanks to Dave Pullin) then the freshly serviced outboard conked out on the way to the start. With light winds we thought we wouldn't make it sailing to the line. We were lucky enough to get a tow and had two great days. Now we're all fired up to do even better next year.
Paul Harris9-May-2013    Edit    Delete 
Re: rob leggs congrats to bay to bay winners
Congrats Paul and crew..grt effort. All worth it . Am .
sure as soon as dad can he will be emailing you.
Jenni Buckley (Jenni Legg)9-May-2013    Edit    Delete 

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