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Replying to:Status 580 Centre Board Lifting Arrangement
Hi, I recently purchased a Status 580, No. 17 (Blue Streak). After I laminated in a new mast support into the hull to replace the rotten plywood support and replacing the aft drain holes and some rotten wood in the transom that holds the lower rudder gudgen, I decided to go for a sail. An excellent first sail in my new boat but when I came to raise the centre board I couldn’t raise it fully up, only to about 45 degrees, if that. I finally got the centre board up by using the beach as I came ashore. I was not sure if the pivot hole in the centre board was corroded or what. I removed the centre board and found the stainless steel pivot pin was bent and the sleeve was also bent and corroded. I have since replaced the pivot bolt with a new one and a friend repaired the sleeve and now the centre board is back in. My concern is that with the weight of the centre board will my centre board lifting arrangement be enough to raise it. I have a 2-1 wire pulley arrangement at the front of the centre board case connected to a 6-1 rope pulley system at the side of the centre board case aft. Is this a standard arrangement and will it be adequate to raise my board? Thanks, Paul