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Cruising the Whitsundays
Just about to head up to Whitsundays in our RL24 for 10 days of cruising, can anyone recommend anything that be of assistance to us!!!!!!

eg. any must go places, suggested routes that people took !!!!!

any advice is much appreciated!!!!!

Nick22-Jan-2003    Edit    Delete 
Nick, Buy the book 100 Magic Miles, it is the bible for cruising the Whitsundays.

Happy Sailing

Alex22-Jan-2003    Edit    Delete 
Strongly recommend "100 Magic Miles"

Narra Inlet is a great place to sit out any strong winds.

Whitehaven is lovely to visit during the day, but at night it gets very rolly (even in light winds).

Brendan B.23-Jan-2003    Edit    Delete 
An inflatable is a useful thing We did about a hundred days of siling between the whitsundays and Hinchenbrook Island with two adults and two kids 11&8allways ask other cruising folk where the good spots to dry out are..Hill Inletis sensatinal( take some Rid) there is a fabulous sandy beach if you turn right out of Solway pass instead of left at Whitehaven - you can walk across to the windward shore and browse amongst the giant clams at low tide. The run to Bowen is fun and pretty easy..the last bit fom Monties to Bowen needs a bearing if visabilty is not good. ALWAYS Consider sailing with the wind and then speanding a day on the bus to get the car and trailler and retrieve the boat beat working to windward windagainst tide and you'll seemore in the long run.worked realy well for us tincan bay to hearvy bay and on the broadwater along the gold coast too. Be fussy about water... the stuff from Hamilton was shocking when we filled up there South Molle was a favorite with our kids. if you need to invade whitehaven with all theother tourists nestle right inside the nook at he pass end of the beach. some folkes even put out a stern anchor on the beach. Bung a reef in early rather than late. We left our late model car and daggy trailer at the Airely Beach ramp for weeks on end and never heard of a bad experience) theres a caravan park on the land side of the highway about a kilometer or two before the airely beach ramp and main drag ..near the shopping centre ..we pulled out every ten days or so and "lived inthe pointy caravan for a night or two while doing minor repairs and restocking food...It had amission brown log gate way and was pretty cheap too. Dont forget a few lites of vinegar...stigers dont entirely understand what season they are suposed to occur in..non the less we had sime great snorkels off Hayman island...in all its a hoot!
Wayne Hill23-Jan-2003    Edit    Delete 

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