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RL28 ballast
I would like to add additional ballast to my RL28 to improve its stability in gusty winds with full main and genoa. I have increased the forestay to enable me to fly a larger genoa (15 sq M)but need to add extra weight to counteract this. There is no room under the sole to add lead, and I did not want to fill the bilges up. I had thought of bolting and glassing extra lead onto the sides of the skeg. I would appreciate any thoughts on this or other approaches.
John Brooker22-Aug-2000    Edit    Delete 
Re RL28 ballast
I think that you would need quite a lot of ballast to have a significant effect because the skeg is not far below the waterline and this may affect the hydrodynamic parameters of the hull.

RL28s sail fastest with plenty of weight on the rail. Feed the crew cream buns or try to get extra crew especially for heavy weather racing and I think you will go much faster than with the lead.

An alternative to consider is water ballast. This puts the weight more where it is needed so much less is required for the same effect. Australian Yachting July 2000 has an article. If you try water ballast please let me know how it goes.

Keith Merkley22-Aug-2000    Edit    Delete 

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