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Recommended halyard, sheet sizes? (RL24)
Are there any 'offical' or recommended rope sizes/types to use on an RL24?

eg Main Halyard - 6-8mm braided core, Jib sheets...etc

I want to replace some of the lines that I got when I bought my boat, and I've got a feeling some are not the right size - the previous owner just used what he had at the time.

Cheers, Rick

Rick Stockman26-Nov-2002    Edit    Delete 
There probably is an offical list somewhere but in the meantime try;

6 mm spectra for main and jib halyards

12 mm double braid for main and jib sheets

6mm marstron for spinnaker sheets; ideal for light weather

6 mm d/braid for spinnaker halyard

10 mm double braid for board uphaul

8 mm d/braid for vang

5 mm d/braid or 8 plait for spinnaker pole topping lift

5 mm spectra for pole downhaul

5 mm 8 plait for tweakers

6 mm d/braid for cunningham

Make every sheet a different colour so that when you have a novice crew you can scream "let go the blue rope" and he/she won't have a choice



Mike6-Dec-2002    Edit    Delete 

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