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Rolling an RL on the beach
I have just bought an RL24 in pretty poor condition. She has been moored without attention for an indefinite amount of time and needs a good inspection. I am wondering how easy it is to roll one on it's side on the beach. I am thinking the easiest method would be to take in to shallow water at high tide and roll it as far as possible while it is still floating, and then wait for the tide to go out. It is moored up at Pittwater so any suggestions for a place to do it would be handy.
Tim20-Nov-2002    Edit    Delete 
rl24 roll over on beach
I have rolled my RL 24 overt in water beside a disabled wharf (water line hieght)in a river. We found two adult males couldn't pull the boat over using the spinnaker halyard so we had to use the main halyard from the top of the mast. We tied the halyard to a bollard on the wharf to hold it on its side. Be carefull when you go to let the boat right itself because we lost control of the rope even though we had it around a bollard on the wharf. You will need a very substantial anchor point to hold it when you do finally get it on its side. And we did all this with the swing keel removed from the boat so I can only assume that it would be even harder and heavier with keel in the boat. Also be aware that the keel king bolt hole in the case is below water line so when you do this exercise the boat slowly fills up with water if the king bolt hole is not sealed up. You learn about these things the hard way at times. Hope this helps.
Steven Llymbery20-Nov-2002    Edit    Delete 
Rolling over
I have done it several times now. Without too much drama. Pick a nice sandy place. Make sure everything inide the boat and cockpit is secure. And have the keel raised all the way.

Use the jib halyard (partcularly if you have a tapered mast) and turn it once around the mast to ease the load on the exit box. Make sure the other end is well secured. you will need two to three men pulling on the halyard. Once the boat is 90 degrees, the weight needed to keep it over diminishes compared to the rollover, but it is easier if there is something to tie the halyard to (a car, post, log etc)

Good luck


dave parker21-Nov-2002    Edit    Delete 
rolling an RL24 over
When Dad was a keen racer he used to roll the RL over at the start of a series and rub the bottom of the boat down with 800-1200 wet and dry paper to get even wetting. We also used to slide the c'board out of its case and give it a rub too. Pulling them over is straight forward using the kite or jib halyard to haul another rope up the mast and grabbing both ends so that it pulls around the mast. Three people are required. Occassionally the boat was launched on the park out front of our house. The first time we mucked around with tyres and stuff, but later just launched right onto the heavy couch grass then winched back on the trailer when finished.
Jim Castles1-Feb-2003    Edit    Delete 

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