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My husband Lynn and I are looking at buying a RL28, we have owned a RL24 in the past and loved it. Can anyone help us with a couple of questions? 1. Is there anyone out there who is actually towing a RL28 on the roads, and how does it manage? 2. Is there a club for RL28 owners? 3. We have a Landcruiser GLX 80 series, turbo, is this sufficent to tow a RL 28. Thank you for your assistance. Jill and Lynn Dickman.
Jill Dickman16-Nov-2002    Edit    Delete 
towing and RL28
I towed mine recently with similar but non-turbo cruiser. It was hard work on the vehicle of course, but it did the job without any dramas. No doubt you have a good towing kit on the car. The one I used had a kit for 3500 kilos and the boat hung on well. Needless to say you need good trailer brakes as a part of the package.

There is no club for owners, but this site is great and lots of good info can be found here. There is a good class association for the 24 though. You can find links to committe members of the RL24 assn at this site.


dave parker18-Nov-2002    Edit    Delete 
Towing RL 28
Hi guys , sorry for the late reply. I have a 93 Landcruiser Series 80 with turbo. Tows my fully all up weight 28 up to 130 k's. Prob not recommended but It'll do it Stopping can be a problem somake sure your trailer brakes are all good I had lots of troubles but finally got it sorted with Electric over hydraulic. Cruisers rule! Phil
Phil Macqueen (shalimar)25-Mar-2003    Edit    Delete 
Towing RL28 - trailer brakes
Phil (M) - I would love to be able to tow my RL28 Jezabel to various local destinations (Tin Can Bay, Noosa, Whitsundays?). To do so would need good and reliable trailer brakes. I'm worried that spending the $ to convert the trailer brakes to electric and fitting the controller may be a lost cause if they then just rust up in the salt water. How are your electric trailer brakes holding up with being dunked on launching and retrieving? Do you dunk them? Does washing them out preserve them? (Oiling the brakes doesn't sound attractive!!!) Second question - any estimates on the all-up weight of your RL28 plus anchors, trailer, batteries, fuel etc Any thoughts?
Phil Gardam26-Mar-2003    Edit    Delete 

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