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Replying to:Code Zero
RL24 Code Zero. Is there a vote at the nationals for this to be included? I have a 12 yr old and 9 year old that struggle to do the spinnaker pole in a gybe. If i get a code zero and sail angles I could avoid this hassle in short races, in windy days I could pole it out and run dead square fast and safe then in light air reaching enjoy beating bigger boats. The sailmaker measuring requirements are 1) Spinnaker halyard sheave to tack 2) Tack to half way between mast and spinnaker turning block 3) Spinnaker halyard sheave to the imaginary point = leech. I believe the clue position needs to be above the height of the spinnaker pole attachement on the mast so when hard running you dont dip the spinnaker pole in the water when you get the death rolls.Im reluctant to order one now if the association has a plan to make them part of the sail wardrobe. Any thoughts?