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What is a fair price for an RL24 probably Mk1?
I am looking at a RL24. It has no engine no trailer has been moored without an antifoul for about 2yrs. windows are leaking a bit. with 7 sails in average condition it needs the interior walls recarpeted apparently it needs a new coat of paint

I haven't seen it yet but am wondering what people would think is a fair price?

Tim6-Nov-2002    Edit    Delete 
Price for RL24
Hi Tim Prices for complet boats in WA range from 10000 to 6000 plus. I have just bought an RL 24 with a sound hull shell but deck needs lots of Fibra Glass patching and there is dry rot under the cockpit and seats.[I am unsure how I will fix it at the moment] The boat has all standing riging and 10 odd sails , on a reasonable unlisenced trailer. Not all the sheats are there and it has no life lines or rails. No motor either. He asked $3000 and I payed $2000. Many looked but thought it was to much work. Once the cockpit and seats and deck are repaired I will have to repaint the whole boat.Interior is passable but no stove. I hope this is of some use. Happy Hunting Greg PS I dont know if it was a bargain but I think it was cheap.
Greg Rusha6-Nov-2002    Edit    Delete 
Any ideas what it would cost to paint one?
Thanks for the reply.

Apparently the one I am looking at needs a paint and unfortunately this will mean slipping it because it doesn't have a trailer. Hopefully I could do some of the work myself. Do you have any ideas what the paint would cost and the other bits and pieces I would need?

Tim6-Nov-2002    Edit    Delete 
rl24 paint
I am planning to use a rapid dry Automotive Enamel. Trade it is about $70 for 4 lts. I will use a high volume gun [Little Beaver] 8 lts of top coat plus undercoat 4lts? plus filling. Then anti foul below waterline. Plus lots and lots of rubbing. Have fun Greg
greg rusha7-Nov-2002    Edit    Delete 
re: paint

I have doubts about using automotive paint. I would suggest

1 an epoxy primer such as Altex Altra Prime 504, around $120 for 5 litre pack

2 a high build epoxy primer such as Altra Build (I think 535 but am not totally sure on the number) Guesstimate $ 150

3 a couple of coats of a polyurethane top coat for above water line. Get serious and use E line 239. Around $150 for 5 l.

4 for below waterline go the whole hog and try the new International Micron Extra. Expensive, but it lasts. Around $180 to $190 for 4 l.

The above is just one company's system. You could do something similar using Jotun or International. If you are going to do it, do it well.



Mike Hart12-Nov-2002    Edit    Delete 

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