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Dry Rot
I have just purchased an old RL24 needing lots of love and TLC. I have found Dry Rot in the ply [under fibra glass] under the companionway and one side of the cock pit seat. The floor to the cockpit feels to springy and I wonder about the ply under the cock pit floor. Can I fix it by injecting more foam? Do I need to remove the foam to chech the ply? Any sugestions or previous experience apreciated. Greg
Greg Rusha4-Nov-2002    Edit    Delete 
dry rot
Talk to Pat McCartin at Kelly's Fibreglass, Hervey Bay, phone 07 4125 1510, fax 07 4125 1922. Pat owns "Sirius", sail #3 and therefore the oldest RL24 afloat. Last I saw it, it looked like new; he has done a lot of restoration and modification (it is now a D/K). If anyone would be able to tell you the best way to go about fixing your boat, it would be Pat.



Mike Hart15-Nov-2002    Edit    Delete 
dry rot
Many thanks. What is D K. Regards Greg
greg rusha16-Nov-2002    Edit    Delete 

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