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Mast Raising System
Can anyone out there advise us of a simple mast raising system for an RL24? How about suggestions for both a boom tent design and any experience with a folding bimini over the tiller? Bill

Bill and Susan15-Aug-2000    Edit    Delete 
Re: Mast Raising System
Bill and Susan.

I am new to this but am approaching the same issue. I found a nice extendable system from a local sail boat shop (in the USA, NJ). The owner has them made for him and, as I remember, they seemed expensive for what you got. Their basic besign: two pieces of square pipe that fit inside each other with bolt welded to the sides of the pipe for attachment. In the down position you can trailer the boat. You extend and push up the center pipe (then lock with a pin) for raising the mast. I found a) round pipe is a lot less expensive than square pipe, b) a pair of round pipes fit better, less slop and c) a welder that can do the fabrication at a reasonable price. RSVP to hhmurray@fast.net and I will try do make a sketch that I can forward. Hope this helps.

The URL of the sailboat shop I mentioned can be found at: http://www.sailboatshop.com/ .

It is a slow site but you can get their e-mail address.

Hal Murray15-Aug-2000    Edit    Delete 
Mast Raising System
I fully understand the frustration and possible straining of partner relationships which could happen during the sensitive process of raising the mast on your RL. My wife and I recently bought a RL24 and the previous owner had developed an extremely good system for raising the mast utilizing the trailer winch and a couple of easily constructed brackets. If you wish to pursue this matter plese let me know and I will try to get a drawing to you. Our particular RL has an electric winch which allows me to stand the mast totally by myself. Regards, Grant Waring.
Grant Waring1-Sep-2000    Edit    Delete 
Mast Raising RL24
Have read with interest messages that deal with the question of mast raising. It is for me the most nerve racking time. Can anyone provide full details of a system for one person to raise the mast using winches and brackets. Drawings would be great.
Geoffrey McLean11-Feb-2002    Edit    Delete 

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