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rl24 good for beginners?
My husband and I are very interested in sailing and want to sail and enjoy it. We have been boaters for years (ski boats) but would like to try this. We have found a rl24 for what seems a great price for little work to go sail. Would this boat be an easy beginner boat?
amyl 5-Jun-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: rl24 good for beginners?
Most trailerable yachts are good for novice sailors.

The RL24 is suitable for novices but like all adventures, pick the conditions.

You might find someone near you to give good advise on buying a yacht on this site.


Joining a local club and getting some time as crew is worthwhile.

Doing sailing lessons on a keelboat is very good value and will help you get the basic sailing and safety stuff sorted before casting off.

Its important to have a reliable outboard on small yachts. Spending a bit more to put a new outboard on your purchase is worth doing if the outboard bought with the yacht is more than 10 years old.

You don't suggest where you will be sailing, the RL24 is a yacht suited to protected waters, if you plan to go out into open waters then a heavier ballasted yacht is desirable.

Second hand yachts can be hard and expensive to repair, its better to buy a good yacht that is well maintained for learning because it will be well setup and will help you learn faster.

Trailers on old trailer yachts are an issue, I have never seen a good yacht on a rusty trailer, most owners who neglect the trailer also neglect the yacht.

A new trailer for an RL is about $4,500, new sails are $2,000, new outboard motor $1500 and new safety gear $600.

Greg 6-Jun-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: rl24 good for beginners?
Thanks for the info. The one I have found - the boat just needs cleaning, needs electric for night lights patched, it does have a 6hp johnson thats 15yo but runs well. The person wants 1000 total for the boat and trailer. Trailer is in decent shape - just has a few places here and there that have some rusty spots. What are thoughts in this?

I will be sailing in my lake - most of the lake is wide open with typical small coves that branch off. The lake is big - 700 miles of coast line.
amyl 6-Jun-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: rl24 good for beginners?
Sounds like you are in America.

I can't comment on those yachts but it sounds like a bargain.

Just make sure you avoid winds over 15knots for the first year and learn how to reef and you should be fine.

Read the stuff on the other site, there is good information on launching and the other things needed for a good day out.

Join a sailing club abd get some lessons if there is any groups near your home.

Don't be afraid to motor upwind for easy sailing down wind, get the feel of the yacht and the wind in the area, reserving sailing to days with light winds.

Most importantly have fun.
Greg 6-Jun-2011    Edit    Delete 

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