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I have purchased a 15 foot approx runabout.Clinker style glass and said to be rob legg design.Could anyone give me info photos ect. thank you Regards Ken
ken petch 17-Apr-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: information
We did build some 15 ft clinker dinghys from 1980 on, they were intended as a safe displacement fishing boat with full bouyancy, and for use with an outboard motor up to 10hp. Some were also fitted with a centre board case, and rigged out as a sailing dinghy. I did not design them,as the origonal mould was built as an apprentices boat building project at the Brisbane school, I admired them greatly and swapped the mould for other items, but we did make the deck and internal moulds. I had forgotten all about them, and they were a nice little boat.
Rob. Legg. 17-Apr-2011    Edit    Delete 

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