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Replying to:Mk2 or Mk3
I purchased dec2010 an RL24 previously named Pelican Hull # AU-TWAO12562 D12 or DI2 with rego 40177.I have been able to track down change of registration dates being 2nd & subsequent owners 1980-2000 (Lou Dow) Swan View 2000-2002(unknown)Rockingham/Saftey Bay 2002-Dec2010 (Greg Rusha)Darlington. I would be interested to find out who purchased the yacht from new & what year it was manufactured & which model she is.( I was sold as about 1980 Mk3 but papers found after the sale indicate much earlier) Apparentley she was moored @ Aqaurama on the lower Swan River in WA & was raced 1980 & earlier. If the sail numbers I have mean anything or can help they are / were m at the top then in black 159 crossed out with 14-7 underneath with m Z in large red lower middle with 79 over 33 at the bottom being a fully batterned loose footed Main without reefing points. Also there is a smaller full footed main with with 14 in large black sewn on near the top of the sail with a larger again 37 in red middle/lower of sail. any info would begreatfully received I can be contacted on this thread or 0439776406 direct. She is Blue & white hull with light blue& white cabin/ coach house. Michael Andrews