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Hi all. Someone in passing the other week said they thought they saw an RL for sale that had a pop top. Has anyone out there got one or has seen one that could advise on the pros and cons. I am interested in putting one on Apache. Geoff Mc
Geoff McNamara11-Sep-2002    Edit    Delete 
Pop top
Hi Geoff I had an rl24 No218 in the family for 20 years which my father modified to add a pop top and extra length in the V berth. For the pop top we used the mould from a Timpenny 770 which fitted without too much cutting of the deck. For the V berth we just cut the front bouyancy chamber out and made a shallower anchor well. Both mods would be hard to live without after having them and neither had any adverse affects. The boat is now in the hands of a new owner and is moored near the ASC in Pittwater.
Rick Hopkins30-Nov-2002    Edit    Delete 

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