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spinnaker pole
"spray", status slipstream, lost a spinnaker pole on the weekend. i have to make a new one but do not remember the length.anyone have the dimensions? terry
terry mcauliffe 8-Nov-2010    Edit    Delete 
Re: spinnaker pole

The SPL measurement recorded in the YV CBH detailed list for the Status Slipstream trailer yacht is 2330 mm. I initially thought this must be a mistake as it is shorter than the RL 24 spinnaker pole length (2670), but when one checks the SPL against the J reading it looks correct.

What I cannot confirm is the way you measure the pole now, as I was always under the impression that you measure from the front of the mast to the inside of the claw (were the spinnaker sheet runs through) when the pole is rigged and horizontal with the boat in sailing trim.

To access the YV detailed CBH list go into their web site and click on ‘Sailing and Boating’ then ‘Trailable’ then ‘CBH detailed list’.

I hope this helps

Alastair 9-Nov-2010    Edit    Delete 

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