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Replying to:From Yachting Australia's Website ( no. 2)
Report on Trailable Sailing in Queensland By Tim McCall, YQ delegate, ATYSBPC, National Meeting, May 2010 Trailable Yachts and Sportboats are still alive and well in Queensland. Most regattas haven’t seen an increase in numbers, although our National/State Championship last June did attract 25 nominations. There are some new sportsboats being built/purchased, and a few new trailer sailors, but boat sales are not high. The CCYC will again host the Queeensland Trailable Yacht and Sportboat (CHB) Championships in June this year, and hope to attract over 30 boats. The Bay to Bay race has maintained its numbers at 170 plus, with all types of Trailable craft. This race is an icon of Queensland, and passed its 30th year in May. Many handicappers, PRO’s and Yachting Queensland are now pointing Trailables to our committee to get their handicap sorted out. I only had a few complaints at the Nations, both of which were sorted out by reference to the rule. The ASBA held a successful Queensland Sports Boats Championship in December 2009 with 24 boats on the water. Raptor was the clear winner, with 5 firsts. I would imaging the measurers may be reviewing the results, as Raptor (a Stealth 7, and extremely well sailed) performed some 100 points above its SMS handicap. There are some new experimental Sportsboats being built to capitalise on the success of the better rating boats. The Blazer fleet is becoming very competitive, led by a strong team from the Southport Yacht Club. It’s great to see this class getting back to standard boats competing on for line honours. *******There are several very enthusiastic RL24 owners organising various events for this class, and we are assured at least 4 at the Queensland State Trailable titles. Again, this class is returning to standard boats, as opposed to the highly modified ones of the eighties.******* Overall, Trailables are alive and well in Queensland, and with tighter economic times, more and more are emerging from the sheds to join in racing, but predominantly, to standard form. The Sportsboats are forging ahead with the Modified version. Thanks Tim McCall I have marked the paragraph where the Rl 24 gets a mention. I ask, why is the RL 24 class getting targeted by Tim McCall in his annual report to Yachting Australia’s TY committee. What does he mean by ‘Again, this class is returning to standard boats, as opposed to the highly modified ones of the eighties’? I have to ask what is a standard RL24 in Queensland? I have had a look through the YA Racing Rules of Sailing rule book and I cannot find any reference to the term ‘standard boat’! I can only find rule 78 which refers to compliance with class rules and or her class racing certificate. Surely if any TY owner wants to race outside his boats class rules he has to apply for a modified CBH rating from the appropriate State authority! I feel it’s a real worry that many TYA's and their representatives around Australia do not realize that the present CBH system is failing and not keeping up with the times by using the now available new technology. At the moment, in many cases, it is being run in conflict with the very necessary RRS rule book. Other fairer and simpler yacht racing handicapping systems are now using good computer Velocity Prediction Programs (VPP) to check out that their own measurement handicapping software for accuracy. If no one wants to believe me that the TY CBH system is now a sub standard system and not working well enough, I suggest you they go into the Castle 650 owners assoc. of Victoria's web site and compare their class rules with our RL 24 class rules. Basically a Castle 650 is anything that the builder wants to build and it is noted that the Castle 650 class builder moved the lead ballast from inside the hull to the bottom of the keel and received no change to it CBH rating! I will finish off by saying Tim's annual report for the past season should surely be based on fact and figures gained for the year 2009/2010. I feel that his pointing the finger at our RL 24 class is wrong and he is not aware that there are three different types of sailboat class rules. Development (18 footers), Restricted (RL24) and One Design (Etchells). Surely its not the PRO or the event handicapper who should calling the shots it should be the other competitors who should be lodging a protest under the fair sailing rule. Regards