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Replying to:Safety Alert on the use of E10 ethanol fuel
This Safety Alert on the use ethanol fuel was taken from the web site of the TYA of NSW and ACT. If you wish further information go into their web site and click on safety requirements and then further info. ETHANOL ALERT: Boat-owners are advised to avoid the use of the E10 ethanol fuel blend because of a corrosion reaction with fibreglass and aluminium fuel tanks and fuel lines with rubber components. There's a risk of fuel leaks and onboard fires. E10 has been known to absorb moisture which sinks to the bottom of the tank, creating a separation of fuel and water and ultimately a major problem which involves draining, cleaning and drying the entire fuel system, including carburettors and electronic fuel injection components. Marine industry authorities in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland have advised their members to avoid the use of E10. THE SUNDAY MAIL May 17, 2009 Page 79