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removing RL28 hydraulic keel pump
I have removed all fittings ready for an all over paint.
I'm about to remove the keel pump and have it serviced while I'm at it.
Can anyone advise if there are any precautions I need to take or is just as simple as unscreewing the pipe and removing the unit?
Re: removing RL28 hydraulic keel pump
If you are getting the pump serviced I would suggest that you have the ram serviced also. No problem in just dissconecting, but you will need to bleed the unit on return,your service man will advise you on that if you have not done it before.

Take care when keel is dissconected as there is over 400 kg weight on the coupling when the keel is in the up position.

Rob Legg5-Aug-2010  
Re: removing RL28 hydraulic keel pump
Thanks for the advice Rob, I had overlooked the ram. The boat is off the trailer proped up in my yard, so I'll chock the centre board up.

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