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toilet on a RL24
Pardon my lack of knowledge, I'm a big boat boy new to trailable yachts.
I'm refitting my new acquisition which is totally bare inside, and have been trying to figure out where to place a portable toilet. Or is that not something that's done on the RL24.
Won't fit under the for'd bunk. Nor do I want it loose in the quarter berth. Thought I might finagle it under a stove locker but would welcome other ideas. Photos would be even more welcome.

Jack28-Jul-2010    Edit    Delete 
Re: toilet on a RL24
It depends on the model.

I have a drop keel model where the portapoti is under the V berth.

For use it tends to be moved to the rear below where it is easier to operate then it is lifted back under the v berth.

At night when it is holding stuff it is moved to the cockpit under some cushions to keep the cabin more comfortable.

There are various treatments for chemical toilets used to hold material. Napisan seems to be the new low cost way of keepingt the holding tank reasonably smell free.

There are excellent discussions on Trailer Sailer Place about these toilets and managing emptying them.

The Porta Poti Brand is considered worth the extra money because its emptying system has less accidents when done properly. The famous brown shower is a feature of lesser toilets.

I believe the swing keel models store the PP on one side but can't remember where.
Greg28-Jul-2010    Edit    Delete 
Re: toilet on a RL24
My portapotti was nicely fitted under a set of custom stairs leading into the cabin. I've diced the stairs because they made it hard to access the storage under the cockpit. The toilet now sits in that storage area and is dragged out for use.

Mike29-Jul-2010    Edit    Delete 
Re: toilet on a RL24
Jack, here is a photo of my toilet fitted in an RL 24. It widens the berth and provides a good seat at the table for the crew. You will see the minor construction that had to be down at the base to raise, level and stabilize it.

Bryan4-Aug-2010    Edit    Delete 

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