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RL 24 MK III Pop-Top
Has anyone converted the cabin hatch to a pop-top when at anchor?
Bob Neiman19-Jul-2010  
Re: RL 24 MK III Pop-Top
There are several RL24s with pop tops.

Sublime (sail no 336) which you can find on the registration page, is in South Australia and has several modifications for cruising.

Rick Hopkins added a pop top and briefly describes it here.

For the ultimate, see Alan Owen's modifications to his RL24 which includes a pop top.

Keith Merkley19-Jul-2010  
Re: RL 24 MK III Pop-Top
Thanks for the heads-up Keith. I try to make contact and ask for a drawing or photo's so I don't mess up too much.
Bob Neiman19-Jul-2010  

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