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Portsmouth D-PN number for RL 24 ?
Does anyone know if the RL 24 has ever had a Portmouth D-PN handicap number and what it is? Or any other handicap that could be converted to D-PN?

The Alaska Sailing Club (http://members.aol.com/aksailclub) has a donated RL 24. It's a great boat for our uses and we would like to race against some other similar sized ones. This RL24 may be the farthest from it's birthplace in Austrailia.

Paul Willing27-Aug-2002    Edit    Delete 
Its a very wintery 20C here in Queensland Australia and blowing a rough 20 knots. Would not even contenplate putting a big toe in the water. Which makes me wonder - are you mad. What is the sailing season in Alaska and what sort of conditions do you get. Sorry dont know anything about your rating question but somebody on the site will. Cheers Geoff Mc
Geoff McNamara27-Aug-2002    Edit    Delete 
Well, your winter's 20C converts to 68F - so for us Alaskans that is prime sailing weather. Our small club (20 members) sails on Big Lake in the Mat-Su Valley. Our sailing season runs mid May to mid Sept. Air temp ranges 55F to 80F in this period and the water temp is a chilly 37F to 50F.

Hopefully someone down under can supply a Portsmouth D-PN number, we're having our end of season races this weekend!

Paul Willing28-Aug-2002    Edit    Delete 
Compare VYC with known boats
For a very rough guide, you could look at the VYC handicap that is used in Australia (http://www.vic.yachting.org.au/) and see if there are any boats that you recognise in that list with a similar CBH, or at least come up with a formula to convert CBH to D-PN.
Keith Merkley29-Aug-2002    Edit    Delete 
try www.ussailing.org for Portsmouth D-PN ratings.
allan4-Sep-2002    Edit    Delete 
Sails for an RL24
I had a set of sails made for my RL24 ,by the world famous Roly Tasker(Americas cup,etc)sailmakers in Phuket,island (pronounced pu-ket,not f--k-it)in Thailand. The first 2 were hand delivered back to Perth Western Australia by Roly himself;the last one was air freighted later(for about Aus$167 ).Roly's brother Mike runs the modern,( computerised cutting table,)factory,with local cheap labour finishing the sails off with sewing machines and by hand.They would have on computer record the sails they made for my boat,which I gave the dimensions.I have been extreemly happy with them;but if you want to race to class rules check the measurements for yourself,very important as some RL24's were built in WA by Court marine under licence,instead of Queensland, and may have different masts or booms.They can email you a chart to mark in the dimensions.email rolly@phuket.ksc.co.th or the web site http://www.rollytasker.com All under AUS$2,000.Maybe holiay there and save the airfreight?.2weeks manufacturing time .
Neil Ensor9-Sep-2002    Edit    Delete 

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