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RL24 Fixed Keel - maintenance?
Hi RL24 owners.

I bought a RL24 with a fixed keel last year, and have been having some fun over summer.

It's in bad need of a clean and anti-foul, so I'm getting it up on slip.

What other maintenance should be done at the same time?

I'm thinking

1) Check keel bolts
2) Check keel bulb

At the least..

Also after some tips on the best way to clean and prep a hull for anti-fouling. It has quite a bit of growth, as it's been in the water on a mooring.

High pressure hose?
Wooden scraper?

Also trying to get a rough idea of how much anti-foul is required.

Finally, I am having big problems with the Jib sheet leads. They are between the spreaders, so when pointing it's terrible, as the jib is either hard on the shrouds, or too loosely sheeted to generate any drive. See pic attached and you can see the track - is this the normal position? Seems far to close to the shrouds to be useful?

Any advice is much appreciated!


Greg15-Apr-2010    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Fixed Keel - maintenance?
Greg, you will not sort out any sailing issues with a foul hull.

RLs are light and sail horribly with even the lightest growth.

Most shipyards have systems for removing growth. There are strict environmental controls at most slips so ask the yard what is best.

Really bad growth might need washing with acid which is a really nasty job.

Ask the slipway about sealing with epoxy then what type of antifoul works best in the area. different places seem to need different antifouls.
Greg 215-Apr-2010    Edit    Delete 

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