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rollover in rl 28
has anyone experienced a rollover in a rl 28 what would the boat need to survive it intact what conditions may cause it?
michae; haining12-Apr-2010    Edit    Delete 
Re: rollover in rl 28
Yachts roll over when the external forces are great enough to overcome the stability of the yacht.

An RL28 is not very different from any other yacht displacing 1400kgs.

The most likely circumstance to roll a yacht is during bar crossings where the energy from the waves overwhelms the hull causing the keel and rudder to no longer control the hull. When pushed sideways by increasing wave energies the hull will sometimes roll over generally loosing the rig and other external fittings.

Strong wind and wave action can also overwhelm a yacht, the wind normally knocks the yacht to 90 degrees while the mast in the water and wave action can produce a capsize or roll.

These are survival conditions that are unlikely to occur in coastal waterways where owners typically use RL28s. I have never heard of an RL being knocked flat let alone rolled.

The RL28 would be no more or less vulnerable compared with other trailer yachts of similar displacement.
Greg 12-Apr-2010    Edit    Delete 

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