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Combined Race 18 April Manly Queensland
Who's in for a sail next week in the Combined clubs race 18 April Manly, Queensland ?

It will be a race around the Morton bay of about 12 - 18 miles in length. Race briefing at 9 am at Morton bay trailer boat club and the starts at 11 am. Entry will cost $10 per boat

Meet up at the public ramp next to Morton bay boat club before the briefing.

At this stage we have 4 RL24's ( 2 from Southport and 2 Brisbane ) doing the race. Would love to see a few more RL24's join us from what will be a great day's racing.

If interested and want to know more then give me a call on 0419 774 337.

As the Queensland/ Northern NSW fleet let's get things going and start to build numbers in the class again up here so we can get a big fleet for the nationals next year.

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Re: Combined Race 18 April Manly Queensland
What a great day on the bay both "Slyfox" and "Chill Ouat" had racing in the combined clubs race at manly.

We had 2 boats come and do the race as well as a owner of a 3 ed boat come and have a look at how our boats were set up. So well done to those owners and crews that made the effort.

Now as for the racing. We had 15 - 18 knots South East winds so perfect weather for a RL. The course was a windward start to a mark that was about 500 m from the start and up with the kites and off between St Helena and Green island and around St Helen and between the islands again and out to a fixed mark (Hope Banks) about 2 miles off Green island and home around the south side of Green island and to the finish.

We have a good mixed fleet of 18 boats both keel and trailer boats. After a good boat end start Chill Ouat tack away and sailed in clear air for most of the first leg to the top mark and was the 4 boat around the mark with Slyfox only about 50 - 60m behind us. Chill Ouat got there kite up and we were off. Some smart sailing by the Chill Ouat crew put them the right side of "Pagan" a 36 foot keel boat that gave Slyfox some dirty air and gave us a small break over them. As we started to sail through the 2 Island the breeze swung and kites had to be dropped and we 2 sailed.

Once out of between the 2 Islands it was up with the kites again and off we both went, with
Slyfox only about 200m away and still in touch with Chill Ouat. As Chill Ouat sailed to the Northern end of St Helena Island we changed our head sail to our No3 thinking that the wind was going to build a bit more and the bay was going to chop up as well.

When we rounded the northern channel marker we were 3 ed around with Slyfox about 400m back and on to the breeze we went. Chill Ouat started to make ground on the 2 ed place boat a Ross 650 that was ahead by about 500 m and by the time we were out into the bay and clear of the 2 Islands we were ahead of the Ross and had put more time on Slyfox as well. We still had the keel boat Pagan around us and we crossed tacks a few more time until they were able to get clear. By the time Chill Ouat rounded the Hope Banks mark we were 3 ed boat and Slyfox was 5 boat around.

So up with the kites on a reach and off we went. We had a lead on the Ross 650 of about 5 minutes and were hoping that we had enough time on them. We rounded the southern end of Green Island and had a square run to the finish with the Ross 650 catching up fast and making us work the whole way to the finish.

Chill Ouat was the 3 ed boat across the line in the fleet and was the first trailer boat. We beat the Ross by just over 1 minute across the line and we had 8 minutes on Slyfox across the line as well.

As for the over all results Chill Ouat was 3 ed on handicap and Slyfox was 5 on handicap. The Only difference between both the boats on the day was that Chill Ouat had more crew weight than Slyfox and we now run a Spinnaker Shoot on Chill Ouat. Both boats were 3 ed and 4 th at the last RL24 Nationals in the swing Keels and are very close in speed

This was a great days racing on Morton Bay and both Chill Ouat and Slyfox would love to see more RL24's make the effort and race this series. It's once a month on a Sunday with a few over night stays and day races as well in the series.

David Pullin22-Apr-2010    Edit    Delete 

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